Solar Water Heaters in Port Orange and Ormond Beach

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Solene products offer a clean, cost-effective way to heat your water. Each system is backed by an unprecedented warranty, giving you piece of mind.

Solar water heaters have been performing faithfully for over 20 years – and with the newest technology in design and manufacturing, your Solene water heater will be trouble-free for years to come.

Solene Solar Water Systems are the best choice for your residential or commercial hot water needs:

  • Most efficient – Solene offers the highest rated collectors in the industry! We invite you to compare Btu ratings of Solene to others as published by the industry’s certification specialists.
  • Best warranty – Most collectors are warranted for ten years – but only Solene offers an additional limited lifetime warranty. No other manufacturer offers a bonus warranty for a lifetime!
  • Design – Solene collectors are sleek and attractive and work on any type of roofing material. Solene also uses insulated piping and extra-thick foam insulation around storage tanks to maximize your heater’s efficiency.
  • 30+ Years Experience – Solene is produced by one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers, with more than 30 years of continuing technological & warranty excellence.


For more than 25 years, Solene products have been providing energy-efficient hot water to homes all over the United States. Our Solene systems basically pay for themselves within 5 years of ownership. Not only can you reduce your water heating costs by up to 85%, Solene systems are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit. Your utility company, state, or local government may also provide rebates on your solar water heating purchase.


Solene collectors offer the best warranty in the industry. Although most collectors are warranted for 10 years, none of them offer an additional lifetime limited warranty – EXCEPT SOLENE! You will feel good knowing that your system is covered for years to come.


Solene systems have been designed with your roof in mind. With the different panel sizes available, your energy consultant will be able to maximize production and minimize the use of roof space. Make your neighbors jealous with Solene’s sleek design.

Solene offers the highest rated collectors in the industry! We invite you to compare BTU ratings of Solene to others as published by the industry’s certification specialists.

Certifications are important if you are considering purchasing a solar collector. Certifications provide product credibility and a seal of assurance, comparison data, product performance data, and minimum design standards that must be met. Below is a list of certifications that Solene has earned.

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Solar-Fit can provide your family with the right energy solution as well as service existing solar water heating systems. We offer both active and passive solar water heating solutions. Call us for fast and friendly service.

Why Choose a Solpal® Solar System?

The future belongs to solar power: it is and always will be inexhaustible. Saving energy protects resources and the environment, increases energy supply security, and saves you money. Solpal® is a perfect combination of top design, cutting-edge technology, and best prices.

Solar-Fit Now Offers Improved Thermosyphon System

When the new Solpal® system was being developed to produce domestic hot water, one question preoccupied the mind of the research team: “How can we improve a technology we know so well?”

The answer to this question was to transform a traditional dual-circuit thermosyphon system into a compact system with one circuit. This solar innovation saves energy and is only half the size and weight of a conventional thermosyphon system. What's more, it continuously provides hot water for 365 days a year.

Safety Ensured by Quality

The parts and materials meet European quality standards. In addition, the parts fulfill the quality requirements that have been established in Germany and Austria. The design is current, and it suits every type of building very well.

10-Year Limited Material Warranty

Solpal® is able to offer a limited material warranty over a period of 10 years by using high-quality materials and certified production. The guarantee covers both operation and performance (optimal energy yield) as long as the product is mounted, used, and maintained properly. For more details, consult the operating instructions. Contact us for solar water heating in Port Orange, FL and elsewhere.

How it Works

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2. What does the solar hot water heater system look like?

Answer - It looks like a skylight!

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 3. How much money am I spending now to heat my water?

Answer - Up to 1/3 of the average electric bill is devoted to water heating. This amount will vary based on actual hot water usage. The Energy Guide on your current hot water tank is also a good "rule of thumb" to use to determine your yearly electric expense. 

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4. How much money can I save if I install a Solar-Fit solar water heating system?

Answer - A properly sized Solar-Fit solar water heater system will save a family 85-90% of their water heating costs by using the sun's FREE ENERGY instead of electricity. Contact us to determine your family's savings.

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5. What size solar hot water system do I need?

Answer - The system size is based on your family's hot water usage. Solar-Fit solar water heating systems are available in 50, 66, 80, or 120 gallon capacities. Solar-Fit solar water heaters can also be retro-fitted to your existing hot water tank. Contact us at Solar-Fit for specific sizing information pertinent to your family's needs.

6. I have an existing home. Can I have a solar hot water heater system added now?

Answer - Yes. Most homes can be Solar-Fitted. Contact us for your FREE SOLAR ANALYSIS.

7. I am having a new home built. Should I have a Solar-Fit solar water heating system installed during construction?

Answer - Absolutely! Most reputable home builders in your area already offer Solar-Fit solar hot water systems as options on their new homes. Investing in a system at the time of new construction is always a good idea. In many cases the electric savings from the solar hot water system are greater than the cost of the system. Many homeowners are able to enjoy the many benefits associated with using the sun's FREE ENERGY without spending a penny. Contact us at Solar-Fit for a list of building contractors in your area offering Solar-Fit solar water heating systems as options on their new homes.

8. What additional benefits do Solar-Fit solar hot water systems provide?

AnswerEnvironmentally safe, non-polluting technology. A permanent hedge against inflation and high utility rates. Increases the value of your property. Reduce America's dependence on foreign oil supplies.

 9. How can I find out if a Solar-Fit solar water heating system will work for my family?

Answer - Contact us today for your FREE SOLAR ANALYSIS.