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Do you ever find yourself looking out at your pool on gray, chilly days, wishing you had a way to go for a dip year round? Solar pool heating in Jacksonville, FL (and all nearby cities) is the solution! Solar-Fit can provide you with cost-effective, environmentally friendly pool heating that keeps you swimming all year long.

How Does It Work?

By harnessing the power of the world's cheapest and most available energy source, solar pool systems keep pool water pleasantly warm whenever you need it to be, all without moving parts, extra utility expenses, or complicated maintenance. Your only task is to set the desired temperature—the rest is solar energy at work. Your pool's existing pump sends cold water through valves to solar collectors, where it then rises to the top and gets heated by the sun's radiant energy. Once it's nice and warm, it returns to your pool. That's all there is to it!

I'm Sold. How Can I Go Solar?

Solar-Fit offers Heliocol solar pool heating panels because they're reliable and resistant to natural wear and damage, plus they look great. Our solar panels become one with your roof by withstanding high winds and allowing for unrestricted air flow, so rain and moisture evaporate properly. Once your system is installed, there isn't much for you to do other than to enjoy years of maintenance-free, cost-efficient warm water.

You already spent the time and money getting the pool; why not enjoy it all year long? Contact Solar-Fit today, and let us help your pool go solar.

Exclusive Distributor of Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems

It’s not magic, but Heliocol solar pool heating comes close! The Heliocol solar pool heating system has no moving parts, no utility expense, and no maintenance and produces energy out of thin air to heat your pool. Now you can choose the most technologically advanced solar pool heating system for your swimming pool.  Heliocol solar pool heating panels have been in production since 1977 as the world's largest solar pool heating manufacturer.  At Solar-Fit, we offer Heliocol for solar pool heating because of its unmatched durability, unmatched reliability and unmatched good looks. The patented "Individual Tube Design" is unique among all solar products available because it has the greatest long-term value, assuring your satisfaction for many years to come.

Heliocol's solar panels for pool heating are engineered for a lifetime of use. Years of innovation have made the individual solar tube design the perfect approach to harnessing energy from the sun. A series of individual, separated tubes spaced across the panel and united seamlessly to "header" pipes is the ultimate in simplicity, durability and effectiveness. When it comes to choosing solar pool heating, Heliocol is your top choice with long-term maintainability to severe weather resistance to compatibility with your roof.

Click here to see more photos of solar pool heating

Click here to see more photos of solar pool heating

Pool Solar Panels That are Built to Last. Heliocol's unique over-molding process directly and firmly secures each individual tube to the header pipe without welds. This technology eliminates wear or damage from natural expansion and contraction that occurs with temperature changes.



Maintenance-Free Solar Pool Heating. Individual solar panels for pool heating are joined by Heliocol's unique direct coupling without the need for rubber hoses or clamps. Hoses wear out and can stain your roof, clamps loosen. Heliocol gives you truly maintenance-free solar pool heating.

Be Kind to Your Equipment.  Each individual tube has its own opening to the header pipes. This "full-flow" design within the panels prevents clogs and greatly reduces pressure requirements, easing the burden on both the solar system and your pool's filtration equipment.

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Not afraid of the cold. During the winter months, the individual openings and the smooth, unblemished tube interiors allow water to completely escape the collector panels.  No stagnant water to freeze.  No cracked tubes.

Hurricane Resistant Solar Pool Heating. As long as your roof is intact, so will be your Heliocol system. Heliocol's Individual Tube Design allows the solar pool panels to withstand hurricane force winds!  Major property and casualty insurance carriers approve our solar pool panels, making Heliocol the most requested brand when replacing solar pool panels after major storm.

Breathe Easy. Heliocol lives in harmony with your roof. Unlike competitor panels, Heliocol collectors provide unrestricted air flow, allowing for evaporation of rain and moisture from your roof.

Great Looking Solar Pool Heating.  There are no unsightly gaps between pool solar panels or visible mounting hardware to detract from the beauty of your home.  Solar pool heating panels are available in six sizes ensuring a proper fit to your roof.   Solar-Fit can even provide you with Heliocol pool solar panels interracotta color that blends beautifully with earth toned roof tiles.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

How Solar Pool Heating Works

At Solar Fit in Daytona, we are confident in the Heliocol technology and design when it comes to solar pool heating. Helicol solar pool heating backs their products with the best warranty in the business. Their Ultimate Peace of Mind panel and labor warranty includes freeze protection and extends to all components manufactured by Heliocol. Our warranty allows you to enjoy your swimming pool with the total confidence that your solar pool heating system will provide worry-free performance year after year.

Contact Solar-Fit and let us install the top line in solar pool heating in Jacksonville, FL, Daytona, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, New Smyrna, and St. Augustine. Find out more about other solar products for your pool including solar power heat pumps.


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