Solar Electric Pool Pump Systems in St. Augustine, FL



Interested in solar electric pool pump systems in St. Augustine, FL? Solar-Fit is proud to be the distributor and installer for the Lorenz Solar Pool Pump in the Volusia, Flagler and St. Johns/Jacksonville area.  We are excited to offer pool owners an alternate way to reduce their utility bill with a solar pool pump…and be environmentally friendly.

Conventional pool pumps cost and average electric usage of $50-$70 per month to filter your pool depending on the pump size, hours of operation, and utility companies pricing. The Solar Pool Pump gives you the ability to reduce your utility cost up to $850 annually. Contact us for your energy savings!!!

Key Benefits

  • $0 energy cost to filter the pool water
  • Saves the Homeowner on average $850 annually
  • Operates from sun up to sunset
  • Works equally well in new construction or an existing system
  • Works well with most solar-thermal, gas and electric pool heaters
  • Motor Design Life of 10 years
  • No batteries or charge controller
  • Sales Tax Exempt in Florida
  • Eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit (consult your local tax advisor).

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