If you want to help conserve the environment, save on cooling costs, and keep your home comfortable all summer long, a solar air conditioner from Solar-Fit is the way to go.

Discover Solar Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

At Solar-Fit, we can provide you with the latest in money saving solar power technology for your home or business. Solar air conditioning systems are now more affordable than ever. The myth that you have to sacrifice comfort for energy savings is a thing of the past.

Solar Air Conditioning Systems Cut Costs

Our Hybrid-Air H-11 solar heat pump carries an ETL listing for the US and Canada. It is also Energy Star Rated and approved by the California Energy Commission. Solar air conditioning systems accept DC power directly from the solar panels without needing an inverter or controller. The DC solar power directly replaces an equivalent amount of AC power from the grid and can cut daytime energy costs by 80-90 percent. When running on solar, the SEER rating is above 33, and it still maintains a 19 at night. This air conditioning unit is priced at a level that makes it affordable for practically everyone.

Solar Powered Hybrid Air H-11 | Solar Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heating System

Solar Powered Ductless Air Conditioner

A split-ductless system or “mini-split" eliminates ductwork, saving you up to 20% in energy losses over your standard central system. Another huge savings comes from cooling only those areas that are used most. The H-11 has an indoor unit that is mounted to the inside wall of the area you want to be cooled, and a condenser unit sits outside. With 11,000 BTUs of air conditioning and 12,000 BTUs of heat, our model H-11 cools and heats an area about 700 square feet in size. Running the unit also deionizes and dehumidifies the air. The solar side of it has only 3 PV panels, is mounted on a roof or pole, and does not need to be near the outdoor unit.


If you are considering a solar air conditioning system for your home or business, come to Solar-Fit. As experts in solar power, we can show you all of the solar options for your home, from solar power generators for the hurricane season to solar attic fan installation. We are your reliable solar power company, in business for over 40 years. Call us today for more information.