Solar Attic Fan Installation

Solar Attic Fans Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast

Learn more about how solar attic fans can save you money and reduce heat and moisture in your attic. At Solar-Fit, we provide solar attic fan installation Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas

3 Models of Solar Attic Fans to Choose From

Sun-Fit 850

Sun-Fit 1050

Sun-Fit 1250

11-watt thin-film solar panel moves up to 850 CFM

11-watt thin-film solar panel moves up to 850 CFM

15-watt solar panel moves up to 1050 CFM

15-watt solar panel moves up to 1050 CFM

20-watt solar panel moves up to 1250 CFM

20-watt solar panel moves up to 1250 CFM

Solar power can be used throughout your house or business for solar water heating to solar pool heating. Now many people in Florida are getting solar attic fan installation because it can remove heat and moisture, while saving you money.  Contact Solar-Fit for more information about our solar attic fans Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Jacksonville, and surrounding cities in Florida. We are your solar power experts and provide you with exceptional service while saving you money on utilities.

Your Attic's Worst Enemies are Heat & Moisture

On hot days - You know the problem: your attic has become a giant radiator, forcing excess heat back into your living space - driving your indoor temperature and cooling costs through the roof.

On mild days - Even when air conditioning isn't needed, the Sun-Fit continues to circulate fresh air, creating a more comfortable living environment in your home.

It's easy being Green...

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Because solar attic fans use Sunlight to generate its own electricity.

  •     It burns NO fossil fuels
  •     It creates NO pollution
  •     It has an UNLIMITED Renewable Energy Source

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The Sun-Fit Solar Attic Fan Installation Pays for Itself

The Sun-Fit is a unique, solar powered attic vent fan that pulls the heat right out of your attic. The benefits of solar power attic fan installation means less heat dissipating back into your living area, less drain on your air conditioning system, and less cost to you. In fact, up to 30% less money spent on air conditioning costs alone!

The Solar Attic Fan Qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit!

Sun-Fit solar attic fans remove heat and moisture keeping your attic fresh & dry!

  •    Extends the life of your HVAC equipment
  •    Helps prevent mold & mildew growth
  •    Reduces ice dams in colder climates
  •    Removes attic heat & moisture
  •    Prolongs the life of your roof

What customers say about our solar attic fan installation:

"My attic was 25-30 degrees cooler after installing the Sun-Fit. I saw an immediate drop in electric/cooling utility bills!"

"Before the Sun-Fit was installed on my roof, my upstairs was really my air conditioner runs less. The savings are piling up!"

"I highly recommend this product. We are the leading supplier of solar attic fans in Hawaii, and over the years we've sold thousands...the makers of Sun-Fit solar fans have raised the bar as the best non-corrosive unit available."

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